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GENERAL SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS: Artery Forceps, Cannulas, Cholecystectomy Forceps, Clip Forceps, Directors, Dissecting Forceps, Elevators, Hernia Forceps, Hooks, Introducing Forceps, Needle Holders, Hand Held Retractors, Self Retaining Retractors, Splinter Forceps, Sponge Holding Forceps, Suction Tubes, Suture Holding Forceps, Tissue Holding Forceps, Towel Clips, Trocar & Cannula, Tubing Clamps 

COLO RECTAL & INTESTINAL INSTRUMENTS: Cannula, Cholecystectomy Forceps, Clamps, Decompressors, Dilators, Dissecting Forceps, Probes, Suction Tubes, Rectal Biopsy Forceps, Rectal Excision Clamps, Rectal Dilators, Haemorrhoid Ligators, haemorrhoid Forceps, Proctoscopes, Rectal Specula, Sigmoidoscopes, Rectal Scissors

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