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ENT INSTRUMENTS: Bone Nibblers, ENT Burrs, Catheters, Chisels, Conchotomes, Curettes, Dissectors, Dissecting Forceps, Dressing Forceps, Ear Troughs, Elevators, Hooks, Mallets, Micro Aural Forceps, Middle Ear Instruments, Mirrors and Mirror Handles, Mouth Gag Plates, Mouth Gags, Mouth Props, Myringotomes, Perforators, Probes, Punches, Nasal Scissors, SMR Needles, Nasal Snares, Syringes, Suspension Pods, Tracheostomy Tubes, Trocar & Cannula, Vein Press Forceps.

OPHTHALMIC INSTRUMENTS: Diamond Knives, Calipers, Cannula, Chalazion Forceps, Capsule Forceps, Conjunctiva Forceps, Curettes, Cyst Forceps, Cystotomes, Dilators, Ophthalmic Dissecting Forceps, Expressors, Iris Forceps, Keratomes, Ophthalmic Knives, Micro Tying Forceps, Probes, Repositors, Speculum, Suture Forceps, Suture Holding Forceps

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