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BBC News - Health
  1. BBC presenter Rachael Bland's husband reveals moving words of their son, Freddie, after her death.
  2. Bobby was injecting heroin and crack cocaine up to six times a day. He's spoken to the BBC about what made him turn his life around.
  3. Malachi Ralph from Cornwall says he feels calmer when he is around animals as his tics reduce.
  4. Beauticians are giving cancer patients free workshops to help with the side effects of treatment.
  5. Ashleigh tells us how she copes with kidney disease
  6. The mum of a premature baby explains why maternity leave is inadequate for parents like her.
  7. Why one teenager walked from Leeds to London to raise awareness of mental health.
  8. The mother of a boy killed by a polar bear, has created a garden inspired by his idea.
  9. Joe Hammond has motor neurone disease and is leaving a birthday legacy for his sons after he dies.
  10. Alexa Bliss says she was 'saved' from an eating disorder by bodybuilding.
  11. Every Sands United player has experienced the loss of a baby, either as a father or a family member.
  12. The secret to a long life is "liking people and breathing," Eileen Ash says.
  13. Tracey's daughter Bronagh was 21 when she became a mum. A few months later she took her own life.
  14. Chris Dennis is one of a growing number of men who are getting "risky" Brazilian butt lift surgery.
  15. A slimmer Tom Watson appears in Parliament and on TV screens and has managed to reverse his Type-2 diabetes.
  16. Scientists develop an implant that can enable paralysed patients to walk again temporarily.

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