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BBC News - Health
  1. Abigail has faced abuse from strangers because of her cystic acne but is now fighting back using social media.
  2. Lynette Parkes lost her baby at seven months and spoke of the added pain of hearing other newborns cry nearby.
  3. It's estimated that one in seven people are affected by migraines.
  4. Two friends set up a "girl group" to save women from "toxic friendships" and loneliness in Middlesbrough.
  5. Comedian Markus Birdman had a stroke at 40, and talks about the experience in his stand-up routine to raise awareness.
  6. The parents of a young girl with epilepsy have to travel from the UK to the Netherlands for medical cannabis.
  7. The mental health DJ who says he has helped his listeners out of "very dark places".
  8. How Sheetal "Strong" Kotak from Kenya used bodybuilding to help overcome her depression.
  9. A group of women who've gone through the menopause share what they wish they'd known before it started.
  10. A former bodybuilder has spoken about how she became obsessed by her weight and body image.
  11. Being body positive while transitioning is important for Bristol artist Jessica Fletcher and her mental health.
  12. Being unable to talk or write is not holding back Will from taking his GCSEs.
  13. Emily thinks people should be given more support to deal with the psychological impact of cystic acne.
  14. The rare condition affects one in 10,000 babies and changes "every aspect" of people's lives.

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