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Serchem has been operating in the field of decontamination for over 30 years offering an excellent range of cleaners at super competitive prices. Due to continued customer requests Serchem has introduced the new ‘Flexi-Clenz’ bedside response kit to its trusted and established product range specifically for use in endoscopy departments as the primary decontamination procedure for the flexible endoscope directly after use before it is returned back to the decontamination department.

The ‘Flexi-Clenz’ bedside response kit product is packed in two formats, either a 250 ml pack size or the 500 ml pack size to accommodate different manufacturers scopes requiring different liquid capacities. It is packed in very stable and durable clear pots with easy to remove lids to gain easy access. The type of container used was a very important aspect to the success of the product as some other brands are supplied in a bag format which Serchem considered unstable and could be knocked over whilst trying to place the distal end of the scope into solution. The bedside kit comes with a very durable high quality blue medical cylindrical sponge as you would normally associate with such kits and will be a comfortable and effective fit for all operatives hands aiding in the wiping down phase of the initial cleaning process of the flexible endoscope insertion tube.

The detergent type used in the bedside response kit is the Serchem ‘Flexi-Clenz’ non-enzymatic detergent that is already proving to be a very successful product that has complete compatibility with all makes of scopes and is currently working in customer units producing excellent results. This product was designed to accommodate hospital sites who were looking to find an effective alternative to move away from the enzymatic detergents currently being used reference concerns over potential staff exposure issues to enzyme products.

I can confirm that the ‘Flexi-Clenz’ bedside kits will be available direct from Serchem and through the NHS Supply Chain and as you have come to expect from Serchem the kits will be supplied at a very competitive rate to assist department managers in the very difficult economic times and will be delivered to site free of charge upon the minimum order amount being achieved.

For customers wishing to purchase the blue cylindrical cleaning sponge’s separately for use in the manual cleaning phase in the decontamination department please find the unit cost listed below.


  • Flexi-Clenz bedside response kit= Pack size 30x250 ml= £1.16 each. Box Price £34.80 Order code 1031
  • Flexi-Clenz bedside response kit =Pack size 27x500 ml= £1.99 each. Box Price £53.73 Order code 1033
  • Blue Cylindrical Sponge 80mm x 50mm =30p each (400 per box). Box Price  £120.00 Order Code 1029


If you would like to know more about the ‘Flexi-Clenz’ bedside kits or request some trial pots for evaluation please do not hesitate to contact your area Serchem sales manager or alternatively contact the office on

Tel 01952 223130


Fax 01952 222012

Serchem, more than just a chemical company.



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