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Welcome from the Director Professor Laura Piddock

Launched in Nov 2011, Antibiotic Action has quickly established itself as a key player on the international stage.  As UK-led global initiative, we are proud to be at the forefront of the field, heralding and supporting the urgent need for antibiotic discovery, research and development to help ensure effective antibiotics are available to all who need them.   The initiative has received unprecedented press coverage, most recently on 11 March 2013 following the UK Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Report (Vol 2) Infections and the rise of Antimicrobial Resistance.  This newsletter offers a snapshot of our activities and successes to date - visit our website for full and further details.

All Party Parliamentary Group on Antibiotics

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Antibiotics.  The APPG will be chaired by the Shadow Health Minister, Jamie Reed MP with the Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP serving as Deputy Chair to the group.  BSAC is proud to provide secretariat support and looks forward to joining cross party qualifying members, at the inaugural meeting to be held in Westminster on 12 June 2013.

Antibiotic Action Champions

Our international network of Antibiotic Action Champions are helping us to spread our key messages to professional, political and public audiences across the globe.  Currently 68 Champions from 21 countries are talking to friends, family and colleagues about why antibiotics are important, why they need to be used appropriately and why it is important for new agents to be developed.  We also have 46 individuals translating our messages into 26 different languages - a truly global affair!

Champions are using Facebook, Twitter @TheUrgentNeed, and email to spread the word, in addition to giving presentations at meetings.  If you are interested in becoming a Champion please email f.johnson@ for further information.

Public outreach

Hosting materials at national science fairs, developing virtual online science fair materials and promoting activities at Royal Society events are just three examples of our public outreach activities - many more ideas in the pipeline, subject to our time and identifying financial resources to support!  In March 2013 Mike Beeton bravely participated in the notoriously difficult Rock Solid Race in Devon..... We are indebted to Mike not only for the funds he raised, but for spreading the Antibiotic Action word to all supporters and followers of the race.

Our partners and supporters

From the outset Antibiotic Action sought to work with likewise organisations internationally.  Our valued partnerships include working collaboratively with organisations such as ReAct, WAAR, APUA and GARP and societies such as SGM and ASM.   There are many other organisations who we work with or who have publicly announced support for Antibiotic Action - we acknowledge their invaluable support - see our website for further details.

Meetings, conferences and events

Involvement and presentations at forthcoming events include:

  • Science and Technology Committee Meeting on Antibiotics, 11th June 2013, London (by invitation only)
  • ICAAC 2013: September; Meet the Expert Session: jointly convened by AA and ReAct
  • Chatham House Conference on AMR, 3-4th October 2013
  • Symposium at Action on Infection, FIS, 1th – 13th Nov 2013, Birmingham


For more information and to sign our on-line petition please visit:



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